About us

Achaari Pickles was born out of the owner, Rupi Dosaja’s lifelong love for cooking and all things food. As a young girl she was introduced to the art of Indian pickle making by her mother. Rupi recalls being fascinated watching her mum do the difficult task of chopping each mango herself, as she made sure each small piece was sized exactly the same for her to use in the making of her speciality pickle, Sweet Mango Chutney. This is now one of Achaari’s most loved pickles.

Rupi began to make pickles herself, once she got married. Supported by her mother-in-law and encouraged by her food lover husband, she learnt to make a variety of different family recipe pickles as well as come up with her own; many of which you see on the supermarket shelves today. This was 45 years ago and she has been making them with delight ever since.

Feel free to contact us on sales@achaaripickles.com 

Pictured below, Rupi's mother, one of the inspirations for our Grandmas Recipes pickles, sauces and chutneys!